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In just over a month’s time, the spotlights will be shining again on the Venice Lido to launch the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival – La Biennale di Venezia 2023. Lexus is returning as the Official Car of the festival for a seventh consecutive year and giving a starring role to its all-new LBX compact crossover.

The association between Lexus and one of the world’s longest-established cinematic celebrations reinforces the values the brand shares with the world of cinema, aiming to give people unforgettable experiences and opportunities to explore and immerse themselves in new worlds.

Electrified Lexus vehicles will provide chauffeur-driven transport for film-makers, actors and celebrities throughout the festival, which runs from August 30th to September 9th.  

Actors Zendaya (Spider-Man: No Way Home), Mike Faist (West Side Story), Josh O’Connor (The Crown) and Caroline Murino (Casino Royale) will be among those appearing on the red carpet.

The all-new LBX, the smallest Lexus yet, is a landmark model which captures the pioneering spirit of innovation that has long defined the brand. It breaks with luxury car conventions to offer style, comfort and a driving experience that will take Lexus into a vibrant new market in Europe.

Paolo Moroni, Director of Lexus Italy, said: “This year we will again be adding to the magical atmosphere in Venice during the film festival, offering guests the chance to enjoy the ultimate Lexus Amazing Experience. We are particularly proud to be bringing the latest addition to our product range to this important stage, the LBX – an SUV that embraces contemporary ideas in design and technology while maintaining the qualities that distinguish the Lexus brand.”

The LBX is the first Lexus model to be constructed on a variation of the GA-B small car global architecture platform. It has been fundamentally adjusted to meet Lexus requirements, giving it the core benefits of a low centre of gravity, wide tracks, short overhangs and a highly rigid body. It is also the foundation of the car’s fun-to-drive character, helping secure the Lexus Driving Signature in the smallest package yet. This helps create a natural dialogue between driver and car that ensures confidence, control and comfort at all times.

Chief Engineer Endoh explains: “To realise the Lexus sense of being at one with the car, we worked to achieve nimble driving that maximises the benefits of the car’s small size and lightweight. At the same time, we focused more than ever on honing the fundamental characteristics without relying on electronic controls.”

The electronically controlled braking system includes Vehicle Braking Posture Control. This automatically balances front and rear brake force distribution to suppress pitching and maintain linear, reassuring performance. It also helps reduce vehicle roll when cornering, keeping the car comfortable and stable and filtering out vibrations.

The LBX is powered by a new generation, self-charging Lexus hybrid electric system featuring a compact and lightweight 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine. The principal hybrid system components have undergone a substantial redesign, including the transaxle and power control unit, to improve efficiency, reduce losses, save weight and reduce size. There is also a new low resistance, high output, bi-polar nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery which enables extra electric motor support when accelerating and extends the car’s all-electric EV driving capability.

The powertrain is tuned for enjoyable performance, whether driving around town or on winding country roads, with faithful handling and a linear acceleration feel that is more closely aligned to the driver’s use of the accelerator pedal. Drivability is also enhanced by Hybrid System Control that closely matches engine sound and acceleration. Thanks to the hybrid system upgrades, all-electric EV driving can be enjoyed at higher speeds and over longer distances, maximising the LBX’s efficiency.

The LBX’s luxury status is witnessed by the lengths Lexus has gone to manage noise and vibration (NVH). These include adding a balancer shaft to the engine to reduce vibration that can generate a booming effect in the cabin. Special attention has been paid to the doors where damping sheets have been introduced to suppress high-frequency noise but enhance low-frequency noise to give a distinct and pleasing sound.

Recently, Lexus M50 North held a private preview event in its showroom off Exit 5, M50, where a pre-production Lexus LBX was on display for potential customers and motoring enthusiasts eager to see the latest Lexus model up close and personal. Information on the Lexus LBX can be obtained by calling the Lexus M50 North showroom on (01) 864 7500 or by emailing info@lexusm50north.ie. 

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